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The Deckoning (2021)

the deck that came with my house was an undeniable safety hazard; rotting boards and rusty nails abound. my roommate and I decided that, for the good of the people, it needed to be replaced, and quickly! wasting no time, we got to work destroying it, and in short order, it was no more.

the worst thing I have ever made

I love Boulder for many reasons. one of them is the roulette wheel that is spring weather. the winds are a changin', then next thing you know the t-shirt you were wearing seems silly for the 30 degree snowstorm you find yourself in.

quick-strike tactical deck

a friend's rental property had a death-trap of a deck, uneven decking, dangling railings, rotted joists. the stringer was even peeling off of the house! with the move-in date of the next tenants imminent, and dubious of the home owner association's ability to perform timely repairs, we decided immediate action was necessary.